Castle Real Estate
Body Corporate Management


No set-up fee is charged to administer a change of management to Castle Real Estate. We will liaise with committee members, owners and the previous Body Corporate Managers to ensure a smooth transition of accounts and correspondence as part of our initial and ongoing service commitment.  

Our focus on providing professional management services are outlined below;


  • Provide general advice and assistance to the Committee and individual members of the Body Corporate on matters relating to compliance with the Unit Titles Act and Unit Titles Schemes Act.


  • Maintain bank accounts on behalf of the Body Corporate. Pay accounts and receive funds on behalf of the Body Corporate. Maintain financial records and reports as required by legislation
  • Preparation of the annual budget.
  • Issue levy notices.
  • Receipt levy payments and reconcile the bank account.
  • Follow up outstanding levies and take steps to recover monies owing and where instructed by the Body Corporate/Committee, engage legal assistance.
  • Preparation of financial statements and maintenance of financial records.
  • Ensure tax compliance is met and prepare documentation for lodgement of BAS and Taxation Returns.


  • Prepare meeting agenda and supporting papers for the AGM and Committee meetings where required.
  • Attend Annual General Meeting and Committee Meetings and act as Secretary as required.


  • Preparation and distribution of minutes of meetings.
  • Record and attending to all correspondence promptly.
  • Maintain records of the Body Corporate in relation to ownership.
  • Taking possession of, and care for the records, common seal and other documents pertaining to the Body Corporate.


Postage, Stationary & Photocopying Charges

  • Postage, stationary & photocopying charges are included in the annual Management Fee

Meeting Fees

  • Attendance and recording of Annual General Meetings and up to 4 committee meetings are included in the annual Management Fee. All other scheduled meetings may incur an additional duties fee of $70.00 per hour or part thereof + GST.

Assisting an accountant with the preparation of Annual Tax Returns (as required)

  • $180.00 + GST per annum

Assisting an accountant with the preparation of quarterly BAS (as required)

  • $50.00 + GST per statement

Preparation of Section 37 Requests

  • $60.00 + GST per request. (payable by the requesting owner)

Arrears Letters / Overdue reminder Notices

  • $20.00 + GST per letter (payable by the defaulting owner)

Debt Collection Fees

  • All charges incurred to recover unpaid contributions by a defaulting owner will be allocated to that owner and levied against the unit.


  • Arrange for insurance quotes and cover as required by legislation and promptly lodge insurance claims where necessary.

Section 37 Certificates

  • Preparation of Section 37 Certificates as requested by owners or their appointed agents.

Note: The charge for preparing the certificate will be invoiced to the applicant by Castle Real Estate.


  • Provide advice on maintenance issues and call tenders for contracts to maintain common areas.
  • Organise routine maintenance and repairs.
  • Inspections of property with the Committee as required.


  • Castle Real Estate leases specialised Body Corporate Management software to ensure regulatory and legislative requirements are met and maintained and that the Body Corporate accounts are transparent and information is secure.

We do not charge a cost to attend or assist the Body Corporate with conducting or minuting the Annual General Meetings or Committee Meetings.

The term of the agreement is 12 Months giving all owners the opportunity to assess our performance and decide if they wish to continue with Castle Real Estate as their managers at each Annual General Meeting.